At our dental office, we care about improving your overall wellbeing, and that starts by treating TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the rest of the head. When the jaw joint becomes stressed or misaligned, the result can involve discomfort, bruxism, arthritis, clicking or a locked jaw.

To help you get relief, our dentist and team use doppler technology in Arlington, Texas, to plan your personalized treatment. This instrument allows Dr. Gene Flanagan to determine the best treatment position for your TMJ disorder.

A doppler is similar in usage to a stethoscope with a microphone that incorporates the Doppler wave effect. It allows our team to listen to your jaw joints, and can indicate the amount of friction and lubrication that is in the joint.

During your appointment, a team member will place the device on the head, between the ear and jaw, and you will then open and close your mouth slowly. If the doctor hears no sounds, we can assume that the joint is intact and is well lubricated. If the doctor does hear sounds, we will move forward with additional tests to determine where the joint lacks lubrication.

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