When our patients make an appointment, they will be given a screening questionnaire, and they will be asked those same questions when they arrive at the office for their appointment. Upon entering the office, patients will have their temperature and oxygen levels taken. Hand sanitizer will be freely available, and we request that patients use it liberally. We ask that patients come to their appointments alone, but if they require a parent, guardian or assistant, those individuals will be asked to complete the same screening as our patients.

Patients may notice that our reception area is now free of toys and magazines, as these items are hard to clean and disinfect.

We will make every effort to space out appointments to limit the amount of people in the reception area at any given time. This may mean that there will be fewer options for appointment times, but it will also mean reduced waiting times in our reception area. All our chairs in the reception area are appropriately spaced according to social distancing guidelines. They are covered in plastic, which will be removed and replaced between patients. We will also wipe down chairs before covering them again.

We have dedicated a separate room for use by high-risk patients if they would like to wait separately until they can be taken back to the treatment area.