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Utilizing the dexterity and hand skills that comes from a lifetime of guitar playing, Dr. Flanagan combines the latest scientific and cosmetic techniques to provide what is amongst the finest cosmetic and restorative dentistry available today.

Always mindful of patient needs and comfort, all treatment options and procedures are fully explored and explained.  Most insurances are accepted and payment plans made available as an option if needed.



Implants - Placement and Restoration

Cosmetic Bonding

Porcelain Crowns (caps)

Tooth Replacement

TMJ Disorder Solutions

Gum Lift

In-office Whitening & Home Teeth Whitening

Endodontic (Root Canal) Therapy

Extractions, including  Wisdom Teeth

Routine Periodontal and Restorative Dentistry

Servicing Arlington, Mansfield, Dallas, DFW, Fort Worth, Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Irving, Grand Prairie, and other North Texas cities.

Our office in Arlington, Texas is centrally located between Fort Worth and Dallas, and a short drive from other North Texas cities.

We invite you to visit our office and see what Dr. Flanagan and his dedicated staff may achieve for  you!

“ I believe my patients come to me because they want to look and feel their  very best, and I am dedicated to treating my patients at the highest level of quality care creating smiles that are not only beautiful and natural in appearance, but long lasting and comfortable as well.”  Gene Flanagan, DDS

Cosmetic Services

Porcelain Veneers – The ideal choice for those seeking the finest, longest lasting restorations available today.

Porcelain Crowns (caps) – The treatment of choice when replacing old restorations and for achieving other major esthetic improvements.

Cosmetic Bonding – An excellent choice for the discriminating, cosmetically conscious patient

In-Office Whitening & Home Whitening – Nothing freshens up your appearance like a whiter smile!  Today’s in-office and at-home whitening techniques can provide dramatic results, yet are safe for the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues.

Gum Lift – By gently removing excess gum tissue that may partially hide the teeth, dramatic cosmetic effects can often be achieved.

Tooth Replacement

A missing tooth can be most obvious, and often presents one of the dentist’s biggest technical challenges.  Missing teeth can also undermine a person’s self-confidence and quality of life.  Not only can missing teeth compromise eating habits, overall nutritional health, speech and appearance, the condition can also lead to bone loss in the the jaw.  This often causes the look of premature aging.

Dr. Flanagan has had great success in choosing the best tooth replacement method, by combining the latest advanced materials and the most current tissue management techniques.  Dental implants, fixed bridges, removable partials aand dentures are all available.  Using the latest advanced materials and tissue management techniques, Dr. Flanagan is able to provide the service that is most appropriate for you.

Dental Implants – Dental Implants are permanent replacement teeth that look, feel and function like
       natural teeth.
Bridges – One or more teeth are replaced using a method that “bridge” the gap between existing, 
       healthy teeth.
Removable Full & Partial Dentures – Dr. Flanagan has years of experience in providing natural and
       functional removable dentures
Impant-Retained Fixed (Hybrid) Dentures – One of the most exciting developments in implant-retained
       dentistry, this revolutionary technique allows placement of PERMANENT DENTURES.  In many
       cases, patients can receive fixed temporary dentures (IMMEDIATE PROVISIONAL HYBRID)
       dentures at the time teeth are removed so you never have to go without teeth while your gums heal.

Tooth Removal

Dr. Flanagan offers an array of Oral Surgery Services that include:

Extractions – When it is decided that a tooth (or teeth) must be extracted, Dr. Flanagan is proud to
       offer this service to patients in a gentle, efficient way.  From routine tooth removal to Third Molar
       Surgery (removal of wisdom teeth.)  
Bone Grafting – Bone grafting benefits the patient by minimizing the amount of bone loss that
       invariably occurs following extraction.

Additional Services

Important additional services we are able to provide:

CAD - CAM Digital Impressions for crowns and fixed bridges
Tekscan Computerized bite analysis
Oral Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas)

Services and Techniques Provided by Dr. Gene Flanagan

Today there are techniques and advanced materials that can make a real difference in your appearance and with the comfortable function of your bite.

As a Dawson Academy alumnus, Dr. Flanagan is keenly aware of the importance of a properly designed bite and its effects of the TMJs (Temporomandibular Joints.)  Dr. Flanagan has many continuing education hours devoted to bite study and the methods to properly and successfully recontruct teeth.  He is a firm believer that form follows function.

Dr. Flanagan and his staff understand just how important an attractive smile can be.  A recent survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) found:
More that 92% of adults agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset.
Nearly as many, close to 88% say they always remember someone with an especially attractive smile.
85% agree that an unattractive smile makes a person less appealing to people of the opposite sex.
74% agree that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success.

Here you will find information about the effective and popular procedures Dr. Flanagan uses to enhance the beauty of his patients’ smiles.


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